Igneous Grimm is a social memory complex existing in the sixth density of matter whose mind is a conglomerated many minds thinking as one greater intelligence. The physical properties of such a being are unable to manifest as an individual in a third density realm such as the one we understand as our universe, and must therefore represent itself abidingly to the mathematical limitations of this plane in the form of multiple third density entities whose individual minds are capable, from a relative perspective, of thinking as one. Therefore, Igneous Grimm is the semi-proggy psychedelic folk rock band from North Texas known around Fort Worth only as Igneous Grimm.

Check out Distant Planet, now available on bandcamp!

"Everything Is the Same Thing is an ambitiously written, multi-textured album that deserves 50 minutes of your undivided attention."
–– Steve Steward, Fort Worth Weekly

"[Everything is the Same Thing] is semi-catchy, with swaying vocal melodies, and completely narcotizing - lots of lazily strummed guitars, weird Zardoz-esque atmospherics, and spacey, occasionally showtune-caliber balladry."
–– Anthony Mariani, Fort Worth Weekly

"Igneous Grimm fills a niche that Fort Worth's psychedelic movement needed -- something more thoughtful and reflective."
–– Steve Watkins, DFW.com

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